EP: 127 The DIY Home Ice Bath, cold therapy, and reversing insomnia with John Richter

John Richter is a beautiful example of the embodiment of love, self-healing, and radical ownership of health. We walk through his HERO’S journey and how “do-it-yourself” cold exposure played a pivotal role in his transformation from horrible insomnia to cold plunge activist and eventually a wellness aficionado. John is the author of The Ultimate Chest Freezer Cold Plunge DIY Guide and hosts a thriving online community of humans who LOVE to put themselves into ICE. 


Regular cold-water immersion is changing people’s lives. Anecdotes from people improving their mental and physical health are inspiring and this podcast is about making COLD accessible to everyone. No budget to buy a commercially-made system, that is ok…we have a LINK for that! 




[00:35] John’s discovery of the cold plunge


[09:16] Benefits of cold exposure


[21:43] Contraindications: who should not try cold exposure?


[27:33] DIY chest freezer cold plunge


[55:21] What wish John would grant the people of Earth in 2022 




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