Ep 124: Hacking Hair Loss and the Ultimate Follicle Stimulation with Faraz Kahn

Are you ready to BIOHACK a full, thick head of hair?!


Faraz Khan joins the Podcast to discuss regrowing, restoring, and reversing hair loss. 


He sheds light on solutions to solve the hair loss epidemic and answers the mountain of questions that drive those suffering from hair loss to understand why? From hormones to minerals, to red light therapies, laser combs, special herbal formulations and MORE…if you are looking to optimize the density and thickness of your hair…this episode is for you.


Join this former computer scientist turned longevity educator, speaker, and biohacker. Faraz is also the host of the Anti-Aging Hacks podcast and helps thousands of humans as he shares his journey to increase longevity!


There’s a lot to unpack in this episode, so stay tuned!



[01:30] The connection between hair loss and aging

[15:58] Reasons for hair loss

[26:39] Addressing hair loss step by step

[34:58] Tool to stimulate the scalp and skin

[38:34] Timeline for growing back hair with new technology

[50:54] What it means to be beautifully broken for Faraz


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