Ep: 121 Toxic Mold, Genetics, and Testing

The SHORT report on MOLD in the home! Today we are fielding an audience question regarding black mold and mold toxicity. “Should one leave their home upon the discovery of toxic mold?” 


The reality is, that every year people spend an incredible amount of time, money, and energy to recover from mold toxicity. Freddie shares his personal experience which included a 40,000$ remediation and long-term health implications. 


In this episode, Freddie discusses the components of mold that make it toxic for the body, regardless if it is inside or outside. We cover where mold likes to hide in areas like behind refrigerators, water connections, between washers, dryers, dishwashers, and wet drywall.


Join us for an episode that could save your life or someone near and dear to your heart from mold! 




[00:34] Introduction to mold


[02:16] What makes mold toxic and Freddie’s experience


[10:00] The HLA gene


[13:36] How building materials contribute to mold buildup


[17:23] Action steps to test if mold is a problem




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