Ep 119 Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers with Dr Scott Sherr


Oxygen is the primary component that carries out all bodily functions. When there is less oxygen supply in the body, a person may experience hunger, inflammation, neurological symptoms, and fatigue. The chronic presence of a low oxygen environment is often linked to chronic illness…and that is why we’ve invited one of the world’s foremost experts on the show.
Join the conversation around medical-grade oxygen therapy with new studies focused on oxygen and the advantage of an increased level of 02 in the tissues.
In this episode, Freddie has Dr. Scott Sherr join him on the show to talk about the wonders of hyperbaric chambers and oxygen therapy. Dr. Scott Sherr is the director of Integrative Hyperbaric Medicine and Health Optimization at Hyperbaric Medical Solutions. In this role, he facilitates protocol development, patient engagement, and outreach efforts.
Let’s party with Dr. Sott as he shares the benefits of hyperbaric medicine and




[00:46] Why Scott chose to study hyperbaric oxygen therapy


[07:47] How the hyperbaric treatment works


[15:06] The heart as a hydrophilic dam and hyperbaric therapy for Lyme disease


[30:45] Benefits from lower atmospheric pressure units


[49:08] About Health Optimization Medicine and Practice nonprofit organization




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