Ep: 117 The MAGIC of Peptides with Nathalie Niddam

If you are exploring optimal health then Peptides should be part of the conversation. 


Peptides are tiny proteins, they are strings of amino acids that provide a multitude of physiological benefits – from managing diabetes, sclerosis, pain reduction, anti-aging, and beyond. 


Your body naturally creates peptides, and current advancements in medicine have led to the birth of lab-made peptides that offer unique benefits to the body. The reason I LOVE peptides is their function as a signaling molecule in the body (opening the door to self-healing!). Are you seeing a theme here?!


Natalie Hiddam explains their wide array of benefits, their proper integration into your wellness journey, and her own profound experiences with it make the desert island “BIOHACK” that will always be included. Want to hear her absolute favorite 


Nathalie is a certified holistic nutritionist, bulletproof human coach, Apeiron epigenetics coach, and a self-proclaimed science geek with a passion for health. She is also the host of the Biohacking Superhuman Performance podcast that tackles longevity, health optimization, and biohacking. 


In the world of peptides, Nathalie is a bridge to the sea of information that peptides occupy and she is my personal go-to when I have questions about this emerging science.


This episode will open the door to understanding the untapped power of peptides! 




[00:48] Relating the winter Olympics to the nobility of the sports


[05:15] Unravelling Nathalie’s identity, purpose in life, and her passion for sharing information


[09:05] Living a life of gratitude in a world of abundance but not contentment


[11:35] What is a peptide? What does it do to the body?


[17:35] The proper way of introducing peptides to the body 


[21:49] A starter peptide that may work for an individual who just started to take a peptide


[26:00] What is a Th1 and Th2 cell? 


[34:30] Utilizing both conventional and alternative medicine to provide medical solutions 


[38:15] Bioregulator peptides and the untapped benefits it provides to the body


[43:35] Getting your hands on a peptide


[50:14] Natalie relates her experience with peptides and the most profound benefits it has


[56:06] The unquantifiable effects of good sleep and Nathalie’s hacks for a great sleep




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