Ep 118 LIVE in Las Vegas with The Biohacking Besties

What happens when two high-performing Biohackers get together in Vegas?! Everything! And you’re gonna hear all about it because they turned on the recording equipment. Magic, Mayhem, and a whole of lot knowledge BOMBS in the health and human optimization arena.


In this episode, Kristin Weitzel joins Beautifully Broken to chat about the Biohacking Congress in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kristin is a health and high-performance maven, certified fitness trainer, breathwork and cold exposure instructor, and nutritionist focusing on guiding women to optimal health.


They talk about their time Biohacking sin city for optimal sleep, wellness, and navigating clean food in a town filled with Glyphosate and GMOs. They dish on their favorite mentors in the community like Kiran Krishnan of Microbiome Labs and Don Moxley of Longevity Labs, Inc, Mollie McGlocklin, Wesley King, and the Biohacker Babes! There’s a lot to unpack in this episode, so stay tuned!


[02:56] Why Kristin spends money to attend live events like the Biohacking Congress

[13:28] ARX explained in simple terms

[16:16] Freddie and Kristin’s favorites in the Biohacking Congress

[29:42] Environmental toxicity, mineral imbalance, supplementing, and more

[36:39] Evaluation of the Biohacking Congress and suggestions to improve it

[44:29] Closing thoughts


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