Ep 116 : Healing Lyme Naturally with Dr Bill Rawls

Today, information is accessible anytime and anywhere, thanks to the internet.


Yet, despite the information, there are still people struggling to get better and faster from chronic illness. There has to be a catalyst that will guide them to find their way towards a solution – one that is cost-effective from the available options.


In this episode, Freddie has Dr. Bill Rawls join him on the show to talk about herbal therapy as a treatment for chronic Lyme disease. Bill is a doctor who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in his mid-forties. He shares his journey navigating through illness and conquering it, which led him to write extensively on health topics, including Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, and Chronic Immune Dysfunction.


Listen closely to learn more about chronic illness from Bill!




[00:35] Why Bill speaks on chronic illness


[05:13] Herbal therapy as an option for Lyme disease


[12:28] The symptoms that Bill experienced and his pursuit to regain his health


[30:54] Lyme disease is curable; death from it is rare


[36:37] Standards of testing are built around acute illness


[42:25] How Bill explains an herbal regimen to someone




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