Ep 115: Breast Implant Illness, Quantum Healing, and AmpCoil with Danielle Paige

What happens when an Astrological, multidimensional being meets physical adversity in the form of chronic illness, Lyme, mold, and explant surgery?! We are about to find out!


“Health is not only physical: it’s spiritual, it’s energetic, it’s emotional.” 


In this episode, Freddie is joined by Soul Astrology Guru Danielle Paige to discuss astrology, the cosmic beingness of humans, and recovering her vitality. 


Danielle is an international spiritual teacher, soul astrologer, host of the Cosmic Body podcast, and the founder of Purposely Divine: School For Your Soul and Astrology Mystery School. She shares with radical honesty the physician, spiritual, and emotional challenges she’s transcended to be with us here today. 


Tune in and gather insights from Danielle’s journey and how EVERYTHING has a season, even breast implants.





[00:35] Astrology and humans as multidimensional beings


[03:31] The elevator question and astrology as a tool


[05:54] Experiences Danielle had that made her strong and resilient today


[08:22] How AmpCoil therapy can change lives


[15:12] Danielle’s breast implants; talking about the divine femininity


[30:52] Body sensitivity and chronic illnesses due to environment


[45:25] Comparison of Danielle’s health then and now


[49:18] Maintain the mineral balance in your body


[52:48] What does it mean to be beautifully broken for Danielle




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