EP 114: Charging the Cell through Pulsed Redlight with Scott Kennedy

Do you know that the red light spectrum has the ability to increase cellular energy?

Did you know emerging research indicates “pulsed” light may even amplify those effects?

With the advancement of science, we have learned that exposure to redlight has biological benefits at the cellular level. Photosynthesis is one example: plants take in sunlight which creates changes to allow it to thrive. In fact, the same process can be applied to human beings for internal energy production! In this episode, Freddie has Scott Kennedy join him on the show to discuss the science behind red light therapy, or in technical terms, photobiomodulation.

Scott is a certified laser/light specialist, health coach, and the founder of LightPath LED. He’s here to go over how they take specific wavelengths of sunlight to expose to cells and kickstart them to do what they’re supposed to be doing on a higher level. Listen carefully to discover how light can be therapeutic!


Many long-time listeners will know Scott is a repeat guest and it may be valuable to listen to his first episode in Season 1 of the Podcast.




[00:48] How is the business going in the middle of a pandemic


[03:11] Benefits of red light therapy and the science behind it


[09:34] How red light therapy was discovered and measured


[14:32] Evidences that support the claim that it works


[20:51] Pulse rates and their impacts on specific cells


[27:33] How to use the LightPath LED Panel and the treatment protocol


[31:29] Is there such thing as too much light therapy? What must go with it?


[37:18] What it means to be a veteran-owned business


[39:55] Why you should get a LightPath LED Panel


[44:10] Scott’s visions and manifestations for the company




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