Ep 113 – The YES and Energy Solution


The Yes AND Energy Solution


The mind plays a large role in illness.


In improvisational comedy, there is a rule of thumb called “Yes, and…” or simply the acceptance principle. The premise is simple: accept a statement as the truth (yes), then expand on that way of thinking (and). With that, it encourages cooperation and effective communication.


So, what does this have to do with illness? Well, a diagnosis is a hard pill to swallow. Yet, acknowledging the facts first is one step towards acceptance. Adopting this “Yes, and…” energy in life brings hope and endless possibilities. After all, there’s more to life beyond the diagnosis.




[00:35] Freddie’s introduction of the “Yes, and…” energy


[04:44] High suicide incidence rate – why we’re failing miserably at keeping people alive


[07:25] The power of positive thinking and quick tips for “Yes, and…” energy


[15:55] Afterword




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