Ep 112 – My Mineral Makeover with Tori Spielhagen

Today’s Show is the second episode of a two-part series with Upgraded Formulas. We get a look under the hood of Freddie’s HTMA (Hair test Mineral Analysis) with Tori Spielhagen, functional nutritionist.


As a professional, Tori understands how to set realistic expectations and allows for the audience to witness EXPERT Coaching and how it is paramount to healing.


The HTMA gives us insight into the building blocks of energy, hormones, life, and cellular health but what we do with that information, how we interpret the data…that is where the magic comes in. 




[2:36] When looking at nutritional elements, we have to consider that when hair goes faster, we may see elevations, but the ratios are more critical.


[4:12] Balancing out macro minerals  


[5:36] Going over Freddie‘s nutritional elements and dissecting his results.


[10:31] Elimination is critical to removing inflammation and toxins.


[11:45] The detoxification process


[13:37] How did Tori get involved with nutrition?


[20:11] Homeopathy and Supplementation 


[22:50] Achieve 1.8-2.6 range for your healthy metabolic ratio.


[26:27] The Biotoxin Binder or HTMA binder


[43:18] Feeding yourself the good bacteria and taking the proper probiotics is key in optimization.


[45:14] Freddie’s take on rebalancing minerals


[53:49] Addressing your digestive cascade.


[54:01] Tori’s supplement recommendations 






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