Episode 105: Binding Toxins, Bioactive Carbons and CellCore with Dr. Jay Davidson


Finally, we have one of the co-founders from Cellcore Biosciences on the Beautifully Broken Podcast. Arguably my favorite supplement company for those dealing with environmental toxicity and (those who just want to live longer with more energy) he is here to talk bioactive carbons, detox, and Lyme disease! Sit back, relax, and get ready for some mind-blowing education around this heart-based company providing solutions for the modern world and all its unique challenges!


This episode will help you understand how CellCore supports different Chronic disease states and biotoxin illnesses. My top three takeaways from the show are as follows! Number 1: Find out the environmental toxins that are more possibly harmful than heavy metals and why they have to be dealt with in a specific order to achieve balance. Number 2: Discover why reducing toxicity in the body yields an improvement in symptoms, especially with Lyme. Number 3: Learn the role parasitic infection can play in modern disease and how a simple herb can help restore our natural gut barrier function. Enjoy!



03:15 Why Dr Jay is in the field of Health, wellness, vitality and, detoxification


06:07 About Cellcore nutraceutical company


10:02 The problem that Cellcore is trying to solve in the world


14:37 How Dr Jay’s wife battled Lyme disease and got to the other side


29:42 How the body utilize some of the heavy metals


33:19 Why Cellcore uses specific acids and carbons


44:07 Carboxy product and how it helps to reduce mycotoxins and mold exposure


54:06 How to get started with health awareness in Cellcore and make the body have a steady ground to work on


59:00 The timeline for people with chronic diseases in Cellcare


01:01:07 Why parasites are needed to be addressed early on


01:10:20 The importance of using distilled water in detoxification




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Dr Nick and Dr Nicole integrative wellness group. A solution to get well and stay well-https://integrativewellnessgroup.com/our-why/#




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