Ra Optics

Our lenses are infused with a scientifically proven, proprietary mix of pigments that give the Day Lenses their signature yellow tint and Night Lenses their red tint. 

Our Day Lenses are designed to block 95% of the most damaging range of artificial blue light, whilst allowing the beneficial colors needed for perception, functionality, and health to pass through.

Our Night Lenses block 100% of the artificial blue and green light up to the highest level shown to be harmful to your health and disrupting your sleep patterns and circadian rhythm. 

The highest quality frames

We house our lenses in exceptional Italian-made acetate, derived from renewable resources. The benefits are that our frames are lightweight, durable, less harmful to the environment, and far superior to cheap quality, petroleum-based plastic frames most glasses are made of.

Who: Humans using technology and especially those doing shift work. This is a must. It’s actually a non-negotiable for people I coach for the following reasons. You can do all the health hacks in the world but if you don’t set your body up for sleep, you be wasting your time and money investing in wellness technology.

My Why:

Blue light is one of the biggest drivers of cognitive dysfunction and advanced aging. In fact, by 2031 dementia will be one of the largest health challenges the world has ever know. These glass (there are many on the market) have the most robust science behind blocking the bad spectrums of light and optimize for melatonin products.

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