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I'm Freddie, and I help men and women just like you eliminate brain fog, bloating and chronic inflammation by rebalancing the bodies energetic systems.

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FreddieSetGo is incredible recipes, ideas on movement, meditation videos, the best Transformational coach you’ve never heard of, and inspiration essential for kicking ass at life.

The Beautifully Broken Podcast

Through interviews this podcast explores the common thread survivors share after walking through fire, the practitioners who brought better days, and the effective treatments that placed healing back into the hands of the people who need it most. 

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About Freddie

Freddie Kimmel is a Functional Health Coach, Reiki Healer, Certified Personal Trainer, Gut Health Specialist, and proud cancer survivor. He helps men and women eliminate brain fog, bloat and belly fat through gut health.

He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, the Full Plate Podcast, An Excellent Example of Being Human, State of the Arts on LA talk radio and Dance Magazine.

Freddie has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from SUNY Brockport, attended SUNY Fredonia, and is a graduate of the Institute of Functional Health Coaching.

He is currently living each day to its fullest in NYC and focused on creating more value that what he captures. Please stand back from the awesomeness that’s about to unfold. 

Success Stories

There is no greater testament to the quality of this work than incredible stories of triumph. Period.


Nutrient Dense, anti-inflammatory, and EASY. These are my favorite dishes to ensure I’m getting CLEAN greens, fats, and proteins in my busy life. 

Avocado Smoothie

Ingredients 1 Small Avocado 1 Cup of Organic Spinach 1/2 Fuji Apple 2 Table Spoons...

Wild Vegetable Shrimp

A wild vegetable shrimp medley is one of the easiest ways to combine tasty and...

Wild Shrimp and Cauliflower Medley

Inspiration:  This wild seafood dish takes less than 6 minutes of cook time in the...

Butter Coffee

Inspiration:  Four years ago I stopped buying coffee at Starbucks and started making Bulletproof Coffee...

Paleo Chocolate Mousse

This award-winning paleo chocolate mousse is to die for. Remember that just because you have decided...

Wild Salmon Burgers

Inspiration: I love eating wild-caught seafood from the deep blue ocean. My body responds very...

Guacamole on Fire

Inspiration:  My tweak on the classic recipe adds a few more veggies and expands the...

Vegetable Medley

Kitchen Inspiration: Nothing I create in the kitchen takes more than 15 minutes. I usually...

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