Know your Nuts- My Cancer Documentary

Know your nuts, My cancer Documentary

My Cancer Documentary -Know Your Nuts-

I was diagnosed with testicular cancer at 28 years old. 5 surgeries and a decade later I finally made the mini-documentary inspiring guys to "know your Nuts.".

Testicular cancer is very treatable and the cure rates are over 98% with early detection. Issues and complications arise when guys wait to take action. 1 male is diagnosed with testicular cancer every hour. Our job is to educate the public on the next steps when something out of the ordinary turns up in a self-examination​. Don't be embarrassed to talk about your nuts, your balls, the two berries, or your scrotum. Get comfortable doing a self-exam so the moment something is not will know what to do.

My story with Testicular Cancer is one filled with UPS, DOWNS, and dramatic plot twists. I mean...I do love to bring theatrical drama to life.

It's Epic. It's scary. AND it does NOT have to be your story for the men in your life.

I've always wanted to create a PSA for Testicular Cancer that was compelling, funny, and inspiring.

I was embarrassed to seek help when I found my initial tumor. When I did finally go see someone I was told, "not to worry." I waited. My cancer grew. My cancer spread. My end result was lots, and lots of surgeries and ALL the CHEMOTHERAPY I could handle. 

Caught early testicular cancer is very, very treatable. The recovery rate is high. Awareness is key and I hope this allows the guys, boys, and men in your life with some actionable information.

Listen to your body...pain, anxiety, and lack of sleep are its subtle ways of trying to tell you something is out of balance.

Please share. I think this will save lives and hopefully some nuts in the process.

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