Michelle Bishope-Utano

After a lifetime of struggling with my weight and yo-yo dieting, I finally got to a point in the Summer of 2017 where I hit a wall. I had a conversation with myself and said: “I’m NEVER going to be thin so why to bother trying.” A couple of months went by and I saw a blog Freddie had written and something inside me clicked. I reached out to him and am so very grateful that I did. He was able to change that conversation in my head and feeling in my heart of lack and unworthiness to strength and determination to never give up. Change is hard and he has been there for me in my low moments and celebrated with me in the high moments. With his holistic approach to health and wellness, Freddie has helped me lose over 50 lbs., reclaim my health and vibrancy, change my mindset and continues to inspire me as I march forward to accomplish my goals.