The Gap between Stimulus and Response

the meditation gap

There is a gap between stimulus and response.

This lesson presents itself again and again in my day to day interactions without fail. I have a choice, I will always have a choice. I have a choice in my reaction time between stimulus and response. If we don’t pause, we, in fact, live a life based on patterns. There is nothing complicated about this concept, but to put it into practice, THAT is the real challenge. Life comes along and drops some stimulus on your plate and the big question, the big messy question is how do you respond? Historically, like everyone else, I jump when I’m poked or I push back (figuratively) when someone antagonizes me. And like every programmed little solder in the MATRIX we react in this programmed way…until we don’t.


I can see these things starting to talk hold in ALL areas of my life. In my relationships, in my self-awareness, in my income…did I mention I’m making more money as result of this new skill set (more on that later)?

Are you looking to nurture this growth in your own life? Maybe start with a brain cleaning protocol of proven scientific methods!  (How to Brush your brain)

But the reason I’m reaching out today is a teachable lesson through a story (my favorite kind). Ready to hear about the woman who called into question my business, my dedication to coaching and value as a human being? WATCH THE VIDEO. 


Oh, did I mention I started a Youtube Channel?

How’s that for stimulus and response?

That’s new! It’s something that I’ve been scared to do for about 5 years. Imagine if I just would have gotten over the idea that I needed to have my front of house production look as clean and sparkly as everyone else’s channel? The point is…I am here today, I’m ready to start. So if you do find value in these thoughts, this article, this content, I would love you follow this link to my channel and hit the subscribe button. 


Fun Disclaimer 

(because some dickhead will consider taking legal action against good advice)

Freddie is not a licensed practitioner, physician, nurse or medical professional. In the course of our relationship, I will offer no medical treatments, diagnoses, or counseling. If you have a medical condition of any kind, you must maintain treatment as prescribed by your physician. Regardless of my recommendations, any use of recommended guides, supplementations, websites, or products, educate yourself and please use your best judgment. In the case of medical diagnoses, it is vital to work with your physician to determine the best course of action. 

 The information presented is never intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I advise full medical clearance from a licensed physician before modifying any diet, exercise, or lifestyle program. Physicians should be informed of all food changes, as a result, you keep everyone on the same page. This is the responsibility of the reader


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