Marthas Vineyard Heart Explosion

This past weekend was a two-fold heart explosion. Singing a solo satellite edition of Sing For Your Seniors and doing my first FRED talk at RISE-Vineyard performing arts center. Two times I felt myself in the perfect definition of flow state. Time dropped away, there was no effort in my actions, and my body was radiating pure happiness as I simply did with what I do and I was on FIRE! I spoke my heart, sang and danced a bit, and connected with inspired individuals. Just FYI…this feels really good. It’s really, really good.  This is a high that cannot be obtained artificially. The effects can reverberate in your body for weeks after the said experience and the benefits are scientifically proven to heal the immune system, calm the nerves and balance the body.


Did you know: Flow state is so effective in healing the body….it was one of the major treatments Steven Kotler used in treating his Chronic Lyme Disease? From bedridden to surfing the pacific. Read about it in his incredible book, The Rise of Superman.

Back to task…..indeed as I ride away on the Vineyard Haven ferry…..I feel very alive.

Side note: I haven’t even had coffee yet, it’s 8:20 in the morning, and cloudy….to give you perspective on my mood despite exterior forces which could crush any motivated traveler!

Heart Explosion One:

Speaking with a friend on the island who had mentioned she loved the SFYS posts on Facebook…the wheels started spinning. In case you are unaware SFYS is a group of actors from NYC who get together and yes, you guessed it, sing for our seniors.  Armed with my audition book, local pianist Michael Haden, a few backup tracks on my phone and the collaboration of my friend Jil Matrisciano…..I performed an hour-long concert for the Windemere  Nursing home and rehabilitation center. The session was nothing short of magical.

It’s amazing how things fell into place for this concert. Jil made a few phone calls, we found someone to play and bingo….I have the opportunity to perform for my favorite type of audience.  The highlight: In a typical session singers (usually 4 or 5 participants) go out and do a short meet and greet with all our concert goers. There are always a few people in the audience who take your hand, squeeze extra hand and whisper the softest, heart felt thank you, tears welling up and it breaks your heart a little. At Windemere…it was every person. Every single person in the audience was present for that level of connection. Pow…Heart Explosion.

Special thanks to Betsy Burmeister Director of Operations and Activities at Windemere and local jazz pianist Michael Haden who stepped up and tickled the ivory keys!

Intrigued and interested in supporting Sing For Your Seniors? Click Here.


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I challenge you. Go out and change the world. You don’t need wait for a show, an audition or a written invitation to take the stage. People are waiting for a voice…maybe it’s yours they need to hear.

Heat Explosion Two:

 As I mentioned before, this weekend was also the destination location for my first FRED talk. In conjunction with RISE performing arts and Freddie-set-go productions (serious not serious). I had the opportunity to speak with about 20 young dancers. Everyone beautiful, dedicated, and dynamic young ladies. They were an attentive, gracious audience to the highest degree. We mused on the topic of motivation, overcoming adversity, achieving your dreams, manifesting greatness and creating discipline to work towards lives big goals. In town hall style collaboration, I witnessed young minds sinking their teeth into some high-level critical thinking.



The day was nothing short of incredible.  As we all know, life can be as painful and hard as it is beautiful and wondrous. Navigating those difficult times with as much grace and poise as possible has always given me strength when coming through the other side.

“It’s not happening to you; it’s happening for you.”

The biggest idea I wanted to impart on this group is that anything is possible. Your dreams are yours for the taking with the right mind set and developmental practices. As I mentioned before, the idea is to know yourself so well, that you are vibrating the most authentic version of yourself possible. When this is in alignment you are less likely to be reactive to the world, to stress, to your life situation. We are poised to take action and this is what the world of tomorrow needs.

 rise #2_opt-2

I say this…”People will buy you before they buy your ideas, product or talent.” Develop this. It’s highly unlikely the world will be changed or saved by the next great movie, book or song. But a great person…Great people affect the world exponentially through their daily interactions. Their actions are ones you want to follow for their authentic nature. Have you met someone you always feel better after talking to? Someone you admire for his or her work ethic and attitude in the face of adversity? Or is it just their magnetic personality that radiates a sense of calm over your person?

In addition these were some of the best tap dancers I have worked with. Fast is an understatement! But truly, how do you not end a motivational talk with a combination to “Something’s Gotta Give” by Ella Fitzgerald.


rise #3_opt_opt


Movie Clip: IMG_1199 #Boom #Pow Heart exploded again.

I have a feeling their will be many more of these to come. Would you like freddie to come to your studio and do a motivational workshop? It’s possible, just connect with me through email.

Closing thoughts:

I applaud Jil for her vision to develop skills in her dancers beyond that of floor technique and rhythm. Bringing in guest teachers, the desire to inspire critical thinking, and a sense of community that these kids have is everything. People were meant to play and experience life in groups of like minded humans. The craze of Group fitness, Cross-fit, Yoga, Soul Cycle, Dance class,and Zumba is no fluke. You are creating an environment with high endorphins plus the human bonding hormone oxytocin, and a good blood pump to the brain! It’s a winning addiction. Applying a focus of gratitude or appreciation on top of this is everything I would have wanted in a dance studio growing up (if I didn’t think I was too cool to dance as a kid) but that’s another blog.Till next time…..


2 thoughts on “Marthas Vineyard Heart Explosion

  • November 12, 2015 at 8:44 am

    This is beautiful, Freddie. I’m welling up at my desk this morning. Love ya.

    • November 12, 2015 at 6:12 pm

      Thanks Julie…it’s was a killer weekend and I hope you can be at the next one!


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