The MagnaWave Sol is one of the smallest, most portable spark chamber machines on the market. Built with cutting-edge technology, the Sol has enough power for those that want a personal use MagnaWave machine at home or on the go. The Sol features an adjustable intensity dial and comes with a 10-minute static timer that keeps your MagnaWave sessions short and easy. The MagnaWave Sol comes in a portable protective case which makes taking it anywhere effortlessly. The Sol comes with the Butterfly Loop, the Large Loop, certification, and a 10-year warranty.

My Why:

Magna Wave is an incredible company with a beautiful product. When it comes to a reliable, sturdy, and effective PEMF device…Magna Wave is my go-to model for a spark generation machine. I’ve found it incredible for post-workout recovery and support with sore joints and muscles. The treatment cycles are just 10 minutes. In my experience, this magnetic field is robust enough to cause a contraction in the muscle belly and really move lactic acid away for pain relief. The science is strong and the company integrity is even better having a generous amount of time with the team.

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