Lexi Fridell

I approached Freddie.Set.Go Coaching because I knew of Freddie’s history with cancer and Lyme disease. Upon learning I had chronic Lyme, I set up a chat with Freddie to pick his brain. Boy does he know it all…because he has truly tried it all!

He talked with me about all the kinds of ways to attack the Lyme (little buggers). He also I suggested I look into testing for mold toxins in my body…lo and behold, I have a couple different kinds of molds renting space in there as well! He had fantastic references and recommendations. He wrote it all down in a 10-15 page easy-to-read format that I could refer to, with clickable links, so I didn’t have to remember everything in my foggy Lyme-addled brain.

He has an overflowing wealth of knowledge of all things health related, ranging from Western to Alternative Medicine. His understanding of the human body is truly remarkable. But the best part about Freddie is that he truly cares about his clients. He is concerned about how you’re taking care of yourself…not just health/food/supplement/exercise-wise…but how you are taking care of your mental state and your heart.

His positive nature, gleeful energy, and awesome cheerleading is unparallelled. I’m truly grateful to him for being such a fierce bright light: he will lift you up. If you have a chance to work with Freddie…jump on it!