Julie and Andy

Things I have accomplished in 12 weeks: In shock, in awe and amazed.

LOST 23 Pounds ANDY



LOST 14% Body Fat ANDY

LOST the urge to eat mindlessly or emotionally

LOST erratic blood sugar levels that would make me crash in the afternoon needing more sugar/caffeine to make it through the day

LOST the feeling of always being bloated  and uncomfortable in my clothing

LOST the feeling of being lazy or low energy on weekends.


GAINED more energy sustained throughout the day

GAINED a sense of ease and calm

GAINED more patience with my kids and husband

GAINED a sustainable eating and exercise plan that is my “new normal”

GAINED a daily meditation regimen that I actually look forward to at the end of my day

GAINED an awareness of the environmental toxins that I encounter throughout my day, and ways to avoid some of them

GAINED an awareness of my sleep habits, and ways to get more restorative rest

GAINED new apps:  Calm, Headspace, Interval Trainer, Sleep Cycle, that I am obsessed with using daily and as much as possible

GAINED a new book & websites that help support this new life

GAINED a healthier husband

GAINED a yoga date with Andy on Saturday mornings (barring any unforeseen circumstances)

GAINED an instant pot that has helped with the heavy lifting of food prep for the week


CHANGED my old skin care line, shower soap, makeup & laundry detergent and swapped out for healthier versions

CHANGED PCP and have appointments made for Andy and I


CHANGED Pediatrician

CHANGED old tap water for BERKEY water

CHANGED purchasing any brand of wine to mostly FIT VINES or BONTERRA

The past 12 weeks working with Freddie have been some of the most transformative, educational and inspirational in my life.  Over the past 7 years, my physical body and well being have taken a back seat to my busy career, 2 young boys and new family life.  I no longer thought too much about my own needs, and certainly not before thinking of everyone else first. The stress of juggling a successful career and two rambunctious kids left no time for my relationship with my husband, and I felt anxious, stressed out, exhausted, and an overall sense of indifference.  

My husband and I have taken part in diet “cleanses” a couple times a year, and even did our own version of a detox for a while after our first son was born.  We always felt great at the end, but over time slipped right back in to bad habits, and weren’t supporting each other to keep up the good work. At ages 41 and 43, we knew something had to change.  We were looking for a lifestyle change, not just a quick fix. We wanted to demonstrate to our kids what being a healthy family meant, and needed the skills and tools to be able to continue this into our future.

I have known Freddie for 21 years.  I have always looked up to him and respected him professionally, and had been quite intrigued by his health coaching for a while now.  Each time I saw him or read anything he wrote online, I loved it, and wondered if I could ever take part in one of his programs. Although I was reluctant to reveal all my “less-than-healthy habits”, I had no doubt that he would be respectful and professional and give us 100% of his time and energy.  I was right.

Having to be accountable to Freddie each day and week was exactly what we needed to stay on track.  I looked forward to our bi-weekly video conference calls, and was inspired by him each and every time.  He took the time with us to truly understand our lifestyle and developed a unique program tailored to our individual and family’s needs.  He integrated ideas that I would have never thought of on my own, gave us videos to watch, articles to read, & websites to explore to support his recommendations and help us to further understand our new found lifestyle.

Having finished the program last week, I can say that I feel healthier than I can ever remember.  My daily meditation is one of the highlights of my day. I feel better rested, I feel calmer and more patient with my kids.  My husband and I have connected more through taking time for ourselves, and are making a weekly “yoga date” non-negotiable. I feel more focused at work, and have been much more productive with my time.

I feel like a fog has lifted that had been hovering for many years, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.  I know that this is just the beginning.