Holiday Feasting Guidelines

1.Visualize your ideal Thanksgiving Day experience. There is power in seeing something before it happens, and experiencing the feelings of gratitude associated with the expereince. Olympic and Gold medal winners see the race before it happens, every turn, every nuance of the perfect run they are about to execute.

Find a place quiet. Lock yourself in the bathroom and Take 5 minutes to visualize. Imagine the best possible food chocies and how wonderful you will feel afterwards.

  •       See the best choices for food
  •       The glowing image of your ideal body and how it feels
  •       See positive interactions with family and how they unfold
  •       Feel the gratitude at the end of the day for amazing memories created.

2.     This is not the last supper. Think portion control. Swap out the 1-foot diameter plate for a salad plate. Your stomach is the size of your fist, this is a good guideline to minimize bloating.

3.     Slow and steady wins the race. This meal is not competitive eating. Something that took 8-10 hours to prepare should not be consumed in 8 to 10 minutes. 30 chews per bite of food. Digestion starts in the mouth.

4.     Digestive Aid. Natures digestive aid. Due to the random combinations of food we will all have issues digesting meat, with cheese, sugar and candied fruits spread across the table. Trying 1 table spoon of apple cider vinegar in 6oz. of water. Shoot for 15 minutes pre-meal, science says this will increase the acidity in the stomach.

5.     Inside World and Outside World. Today is not the day to convince your family to be Paleo. Trying to control outside world brings you pain and suffering because you will be waiting till Hell Freezes Over! Focus on YOUR choices of which you have complete and utter control.

Side note: When you have the option=choose quality.

Grass fed beef and a processed hot dog are both meat. Pasturized hard New Zealand cheddar and Polly-O string are both cheese. One of these is better than the other. I Let you decide which.

6.     H2O and Timing. Water is your best friend a hydrated body is a happy one. H2O in between meals it will keep you from picking and snacking.

Pro tip: Don’t drink more than a couple sips with your meal. Liquid dilutes the natural acids in your stomach and hinders the digestive process.

7.     Walk and walk and walk. Organize a family stroll after eating. The figure 8 motion of the hips helps move food through the small and large intestine with are cradled in the pelvic bowl. This of each step as a massage for your loving intestinal organs.

The world needs you at your best. Eating good is feeling good. Smart choices at the dinner table is setting you up with a positive mental state and a fighting chance to push the needle in the right direction.


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