Healing from Within

Today I was reminded  of the body’s own ability to heal itself.  Sometimes things just need to shift to give you new perspective on what’s ailing you.  However, in this age of quick access to information, a doctor at your fingertips, and the google button, the options we have to treat ourselves are endless.  I have personally seen over 15 doctors in the last 7 years, post cancer treatment. (newbies-I’m a cancer survivor) Surgery and chemo have left me with a good deal of residual daily pain.  I like to say,” it’s like digging a hole in the yard and filling it back in with the same  dirt, yeah it’s solid ground but it’s just different.”  At times the quest to regain “my old self” or return things to “how they used to be” can become an obsession.  Cue song… “We can never go back to before.”  It is an understandable quest, but none the less….. life can quickly turn to chasing after a cure and you will find yourself missing moments as opposed to living them.  Have you ever looked around and wondered where the time has gone?   Living like this is an empty existence, devoid of all joy and purpose.  It is survival, not living or thriving and the existence is heavily rested on the shoulders of a medical system who would have you forever in its financial grip…(run on sentence). No fault of their own, as this should be the principles of any good business. $$$$

Have you ever looked around and wondered where the time has gone?   Living like this is an empty existence, devoid of all joy and purpose.  It is survival, not living or thriving

I have found some of the most magical moments in my life A.C. (A.C. after cancer/ B.C before cancer) …. have been spent with family or doing what I love.  Onstage singing, traveling across the country, cooking for friends, coaching a client who is just as inspired as I am about good food, and of course Sing For Your Seniors. (it’s a group where we get to together and yes, you guessed it….we sing for your seniors).  It’s in these times when all pain and issues simply drop away and for those moments, when you are so engaged in something you love, you are healed. Flow state!  This is real. These moments are real and they can be lasting.

Here are a few of personal examples:

  • This past summer, singing under the lights in Jack London State Park in Sonoma, my soul was on fire, literally burning…hot to the touch… #truth.  It was also the first week I can remember my stomach didn’t hurt for extended periods of time.
  • I can remember opening in the national tour of Billy Elliot, I smiled for days and I think everyone backstage thought I was crazy, including the crew. * Note to self: don’t skip to work.  The joy and gratitude of being involved with such a powerful story and a chance to focus on what I love was a game changer.
  • Walking in to surprise my sister and her new born baby at her christening was magical.  It felt like a movie only better, I remember feeling the physical warmth of love and joy radiating from my own sappy smile.
anabelle 2


I just got choked up again writing that little memory out on paper and looking at me holding that little nugget.:-)  There are other moments…..smaller even still, be it at a cafe in the summer sun, laying with a friend in the shade under a tree in central park or a lover. Yes, I said lover.  What am I saying?

When you are feeling frustrated and broken, accept this momentary state, and then let it pass, release it. ” As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death……Throughwalk through it, Don’t build a condo there!” Carrying frustration and anger will not yield better times.  Know that these moments of true joy are powerful enough to initiate healing when everything else is in place.  A definition of suffering is not accepting life as it presents itself…..in the end it’s your choice how you respond to life, the power is in your mind. You have to power to choose how to respond to your outside world, and full control over your inner world. ( please re-read the last paragraph and figure out what that means for you) Self care is very important when it comes to crohn’s diease as well.

It’s in these times when all pain and issues simply drop away and for those moments, when you are so engaged in something you love, you are healed.

Plan of action:

Hold onto your seats! -figuratively-

When the need arises, take ten deep oxygenating breaths, filling your lungs with clean air and invite what’s troubling you into your mind. And then let is pass.  My favorite way to do this is lay face down, place your head on your hands and fill the bottom of your abdomen. Feel the pressure of your stomach as it pushed against the ground. Pretend your breathing deep like an alligator….don’t laugh it works! Especially if you change the color of your alligator …wrap your mind around that one!

Mental state:

Now….. hold in your mind one thing you are truly grateful for, something that you love without limits, or a moment of gratitude ( I use Annabelle’s christening a lot).  Place that moment or feeling in a bubble in your heart and as you fuel your body with charged oxygen…..let this object grow and flourish in your center.  Visualize the magnitude and size of this object growing larger and more solid. The white radiant shards of light coming from your moment of gratitude wash your body clean of any negative energy.  Feel the sense of joy for this thing in your life and let it make the alligator smile on your face grow big and wide. Show your teeth 🙂 Rhhaaaarrrrggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Your Techno Cheat:

Most breathing/ mediation techniques try and get you out of fight or flight nervous system response (sympathetic) and place the body back into a healing state (parasympathetic). That being said, sometimes…..I don’t have the moment, space or strong enough will power to do these techniques when I need them. In these instances I go to a wonderful App called Brainwaves.  This App uses binaural beats (basically a different frequency of tones broadcast to each ear through headphones that quickly place your brain in a relaxed state). This app has tracks for everything from sleep, to meditation, nervous system resets, and good mood. They are a little on the pricey side, but for around 8 -12$….the benefits of one 20 min. track which can be played at anytime put me in relaxed state comparable to a 45 minute massage. Also you get one track for free to try!!!!!


Important Facts:

Know that heartache, pain, and suffering are not infinite and nothing lasts forever. These things too will change form as will you. The only thing that is consistent in the universe is change.  The energy that makes up the best parts of you…..is forever.  Say it again, FOREVER.

The first law of thermo dynamics: energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only change forms or be converted. That doesn’t suck.

Enjoy this new “hack for healing”.  Try ten days in a row and please report back and let me know if there has been anything that changed in your life!  **Extra points for multiple times in a day! Without a doubt……I know there will be a change. Remember mediation and energy work are like placing money on an energy credit card, it’s builds credit and net worth that you will have to draw from in times of need.


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  • September 11, 2014 at 6:48 pm

    Love this! Thank you for sharing. I look forward to more words of wisdom. X


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