Hangover-Proof Wine

Hangover-proof wine.

That’s why you’re still reading, right? Either you are new to this site and that sounds like the best thing since an impeachment of our current president……or you are a loyal reader and are slapping your forehead wondering how could Freddie be pushing alcohol on his site!

Are you shocked?

It’s true. I am NOT going to suggest that the next step to feeling better is 3 hours of meditation followed by a 6-week elimination diet and coffee enemas. While that combination of strong choices may bring one to a state of true bliss, I have something much less involved and more pleasurable to the palate.  

 I’m simply asking you to have a glass of wine. 

But what about the advice from the health enthusiast, cancer survivor, detox challenged health coach?

“Won’t alcohol consumption decrease my performance?”

“Will tomorrow be a less than perfect day?”

“What about my phase 1 and 2 liver detox pathways?”

Years ago, the energy deficit following a night of drinking was NEVER worth 2 glasses of red (yes, I am a lightweight.) I was busy trying to recover from chronic disease and I just didn’t have the space to entertain this luxury. The old liver isn’t what it used to be after rounds and rounds of chemo if you know what I mean…and I HOPE you DON’T know what I mean.

But what if there was a way? What if there was a wine that did not give you hangovers? What if there was a fermented red that had none of the bad stuff and delivered all of the good properties of nature’s finest drink. Remember Jesus didn’t turn the water into Gatorade…he turned it into wine.

“What would Jesus Drink?”




It turns out that working all over the country has its advantages. My traveling often connects me with new foods, new people, and inspiring artists. It was here while working at Transcendence Theater in Sonoma California that I met PJ, one of the founders of Deerfield Winery.

PJ and I have something in common…we are both sensitive flowers.

Sensitive flower: An individual who finds oneself easily affected by environmental triggers, food sensitivities, harsh lighting, and aggressive stimulus (i.e the canary in the coal mine blog.)

For her, red wine brought on horrible headaches, flushing, and general feelings of ill will. It was because of this “life challenge” PJ and her husband started playing around with the process by which they produce their wine. Today, it’s a trademarked process called Cleanwine. This journey began many years ago with a quest to make a better product, one that did not make PJ sick. In her heart, she knew there were others out there in the world that would benefit. I happened to be one of them.


I have deemed her my “wine angel”


After becoming sensitive to so many foods over the years I have made countless changes to my diet in order to feel better.

  • I make my own chocolate with mold-free cacao.
  • I brew coffee that’s been tested for mycotoxins.
  • I make a nightshade-free red sauce for gluten-free pasta.
  • I filter every sip of water I drink.

While it’s work, I feel amazing. When I cross paths with others making clean products that fit this paradigm they have an immediate place in my heart. PJ is an artist. With that introduction, let’s look at the process by which Cleanwine is created at Deerfield winery.


Step one: Monitoring levels of sulfites.

While sulfites are often labeled the bad guys in the wine industry I’m going to lead with the idea that sulfites are probably not the ingredients making you feel bad. In fact, the percentage of the population sensitive to sulfites is very small…roughly .4 percent of the population. It just so happens PJ and I represent a fraction the .4 percent affected by sulfites. 

PJ: “I’m very sensitive to sulfur dioxide and have experienced all of these standard reactions. Sulfite is used to keep the wine from prematurely oxidizing during the barrel aging process and to protect it from excess oxygen pickup during bottling. Sulfur dioxide attracts the oxygen and becomes non-reactive sulfur Quadoxide. We don’t release our wine until the low levels of sulfur dioxide, used for its antioxidant properties, reacts with the free oxygen picked up by the wine and is reduced to non-reactive levels.


Step two: The Deerfield triple sorting process

It’s important to know that along with the yeast that’s added to the fermentation process there is a number of natural bacteria and or mold found on the grapes.

Deerfield winery triple hand sorts their grapes before the fermentation process to remove anything you would not feed to a baby. This control keeps the bad guys out of the “fermentation party” where they would opportunistically multiply.

Breaking it down:

  1. As the yeast multiply rapidly in the clean wine process they are regularly fed organic yeast food.
  2. Deerfield winery also supplies them with oxygen to keep them growing in a happy environment. When humans can’t breathe we get stressed, the same goes for yeast. Go figure.
  3. If the yeast is stressed, or starved from oxygen the bacteria start to grow out of control.
  4. The bacteria get angry and produce histamines.
  5. Histamine content is a major factor in wine headaches. Mind Blown.

By reducing bacteria in the fermenter, Deerfield reduces the source of unwanted histamine production. The result is a cleaner wine, low in histamines and sulfites. Those who get headaches and have reactions to most wines can usually drink Deerfield wine.


So, what is a histamine and why should I care?

The More You Know.

A Histamine is a compound found in all cells of the body and is a natural component of many foods. These little histamine dudes basically run around igniting the immune system into action. They allow for capillary expansion in the body so more of the immune system can get to an infected area of the body, hence the redness and itching. They make the tunnel bigger so the helper cells can get to the site of trauma and begin the healing process. 

You should care 

Histamine intolerance or strong reactions to histamines can indicate damage to the gut lining where the enzymes created to clear histamines are created. This is the classic example of your body whispering, giving you a subtle sign that something needs to change. Be the detective of your own health and dig into these clues!

Back to the Wine

The end result at Deerfield is a great tasting family wine with no harsh side effects and all the benefit of a great bouquet of aromas (I don’t know shit about wine.) But my favorite attribute is no HANGOVER.

Back to you

It’s important to be able to relax and not stress. Consuming an elite food pyramid is wonderful, but if you are stressed out over the choices you feel FORCED to make it’s all for NOT. I love swaps and I love options. Deerfield wine is a great swap for high sugar, GMO, high histamine wine. It’s worth having on hand for special occasions or life events if budget allows. Bottles range from the low 20’s to the very expensive. At the end of the day…do the best you can and feel proud you are taking small steps to self-improvement. 

Experts say that histamines, sulfites and mold toxins in your wine don’t cause headaches and symptoms. Well…in my N=1 experiment and from the hundreds of other chronic disease sufferers out there, I call bullshit. Listen to your own body…YOU are the best judge of what YOU need to feel good.

Back to the Wine

The easiest way to connect and order with Deerfield winery is on their website. While they don’t typically sell to distributors on the east coast they do have a warehouse just outside of Manhattan. I ordered my bottles online and had them within about 48 hours!


Pro Tip:

Try the @wines tab for a great 24$ bottle of cabernet.

There also have some killer sales going on in 2018 if you keep an eye on the website.

I can promise you this will blow your taste buds away and you will forever be spoiled by anything less in future wine endeavors. Please mention Freddiesetgo when ordering over the phone.

Last year Sonoma County suffered a devastating two-week long attack of wildfires. Countless homes, businesses, and wineries were lost in the devastation. Now is the perfect season to support this community in their efforts to rebuild. Thankfully Deerfield winery was spared. Know that any additional business directed towards this community will only help stimulate the local economy in their efforts to rise up.

That’s if for now. The world is crying with earthquakes, shootings, wildfires and political turmoil. Mother earth needs you at your best. Critical thinking and record cerebral response time will be achieved from broccoli, cauliflower, kale, swiss chard, carrots and wild salmon not Domino’s and Taco Bell. Choose the best possible food and drink for the best expression of yourself.


That’s all for now.


Fun Disclaimer 

(because people will sue me)

Freddie is not a licensed practitioner, physician, nurse or medical professional. In the course of our relationship, I will offer no medical treatments, diagnoses, or counseling. If you have a medical condition of any kind, you must maintain treatment as prescribed by your physician regardless of my recommendations or advice, or any use of recommended online guides, supplementations, websites or products. In the case of medical diagnoses, it is vital to work with your physician to determine the best course of action; and to never replace one treatment for another that goes against your physician’s advice.

 The information presented is never intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Full medical clearance from a licensed physician should be obtained before beginning or modifying any diet, exercise, or lifestyle program; and physicians should be informed of all food changes. This is the responsibility of the reader.


7 thoughts on “Hangover-Proof Wine

  • July 2, 2018 at 9:37 pm

    Hi…my bame is Patrice Ward and some know me as a Pro photographer but also very much a part of Deerfield Ranch Winery (Wholesale Accts) in which I applaud you for this wonderful blog. Spot on and it tickles me that ‘YOU’ get it. I’m like PJ with the bad reaction to cheap wines and Deerfields approach to clean wines

    • July 9, 2018 at 4:23 pm


      Lovely to hear there are others (I know there are) that share my love for clean-wine. How lucky you get to live in that beautiful landscape every day and have such an amazing canvas to photograph!

  • July 1, 2018 at 6:44 pm

    Hi Freddie!
    I’m from Sonoma County and love to hear when others visit and have a great experience. It’s a wonderful place with plenty of wine. But hard to consume it if you are sensitive. I’m so glad you found this clean wine! I’m excited! I’m going to order some. Thank you for letting us know. 🙂

    • July 2, 2018 at 2:04 pm

      Amy, wonderful to meet you! Please report back and let me know the verdict!

  • July 1, 2018 at 3:34 pm

    You had me at Hangover Free Wines, but knowing this helps business in Sonoma where there were all the fires thrills me as well. Love your blog!!

    • July 2, 2018 at 2:04 pm

      thank you Jen, please report back when you get your wine!

    • July 15, 2018 at 2:48 pm

      Thank you jen…I’ll keep them coming!


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