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Red light therapy, light Path LED

Red Light Phototherapy will enable you to enjoy relief from the discomfort associated with sports-related injury and arthritis. Great for alleviating post-operative pain. Thousands of clinical studies have demonstrated a wide range of natural health benefits from red light therapy use. These are some of the most well-established health benefits of red light therapy.

Light Path LED provides a unique design with one of the most powerful Red Light Therapy devices on the market.  

The advantage of being in the wellness industry for over 15 years are the connections you make. One person I’ve known for a long time is Scott Kenndy and with that I know his integrity. He is always evolving and improving his light products. If you look closely you will find many technological advantages over the other products in the market.
These include multi-wave panels, additional frequency sets, optimized power and the best service in the industry.
Small business means you can get on the phone with the head guru.
Scott is always available for protocols, questions and runs a support group for red light education on facebook

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