School of Applied functional Medicine

Do you feel restless, knowing deep in your heart that you’re meant to help your patients achieve dramatic improvements? Would you love to have cutting edge confidence in your clinical expertise?

So much of  Applied functional medicine education today is either over simplified, uselessly theoretical, or overwhelmingly complex. At the School of Applied Functional Medicine (SAFM), although we like to geek out on the science, our programs are practical. You’ll learn to confidently assess complex trends, inspire your patients, and support them in finding astonishing results.

This course is for the seasoned health coach wanting to take their practice to the next level. Tracy’s education and methods are the best I’ve seen. Her students are the ones I personally work with and use as referrals to coach the most
challenging cases.

In our Podcast together you get a small glimpse of her brilliance and scientific mind. Not only does she create the content and education, but she has used everything in practice to save her husband. Truly remarkable story.

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