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Accelerated health products provides natural and innovative solutions to families for their health and nutritional needs, that will help people live with more energy and to experience a better quality of life.

The three supplements in the Thyroid Detox Bundle — Accelerated Silver®, Acceleradine® Iodine, and NucNoMore® — zero out the radiation, boost your immune system, and help fill your body with the only radiation-free monatomic iodine available so that your thyroid and metabolism work optimally, and have no room to absorb toxins, poisons, radioactive iodine and radiation.

Everyone needs a little activated silver from time to time. Incredible for a natural approach to antibiotics without the long term side effects to the gut. In addition Sara makes excellent Accelerated health products and supplements for assisting the body in a state of keto.

Check out her growing line of products that meet the body where it needs additional support. Clean, frequency driven, and a valuable tool on wellness.

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