David Meyers

David Meyers

I cannot recommend Freddie Kimmel highly enough. He is someone who will become your advocate, champion, and friend. Most importantly, he is someone who will truly care about you, your health, and your progress. You will never become just a “client” to Freddie. 

Freddie learned that I was suffering from a chronic medical condition, and offered to help me. I had been through dozens of doctors and “experts” at that point, most of whom were only interested in me when I was in their office or mailing a check. 

Freddie was different. He gave so generously of his time and knowledge to me for one reason: he knew I was in physical pain, and wanted to help. 

Aside from his practical knowledge, Freddie improved my life by example. One of the hardest parts of my illness is to continue on with normal life – despite all of the physical pain and difficulty I go through on a daily basis.

Then, one night, I saw Freddie star in Cagney off-Broadway. He danced and sang non-stop for two hours. The audience rose to its feet at the curtain call, and gave him a standing ovation. I knew their jaws would have hit the floor if they knew the truth: that Freddie had beaten cancer multiple times, undergone almost a dozen operations, and had more physical challenges than most of them would ever encounter. 

Freddie is a living example of everything he teaches.

To top if all off, Freddie once sent me an e-mail about a new supplement that was working for him. I was considering major life-changing surgery at the time. The only reason I have been able to put it off thus far, is because of that supplement Freddie recommended to me — which I have used every day since, and has worked far better for me than any prescription drug.