Canary’s like Me and the Fountain of youth for your Face

EXTERIOR: New York City  :: Hell’s Kitchen  9th avenue and 40th street- DAY 2pm


We find a bald Caucasian male, athletic…straddling his folding TREK bike in high summer heat outside Port Authority. Smog, gas, and overpowering fumes fill the air from a cavalcade of city buses. He takes a deep breath and is fully aware of the damage he is doing to his lungs. His hand wipes the summer sweat from his brow only to reveal a thick layer of dirt and city dust cleaned from his forehead.


A canary in a coal mine.

coal mine bird_opt


Carbon monoxide, a potentially deadly gas devoid of color, taste and smell, can form underground during a mine fire or after a mine explosion. When rescuers would descend into the mine in search of survivors they would carry a small bird in a cage. At the first sign of distress to the bird the miners knew it was time to get out. Of course the gas would kill the animal before it would over power the miner.


I am the bird; and my carbon monoxide is New York City.


My body is not so different from this age old barometer of sensitivity. After undergoing 4 rounds of chemotherapy, multiple surgeries, a few infections and Lyme disease I have developed a 6th sense. I can tell you how heavily tap water is chlorinated. I can tell you the quality of the chicken that was used in a Thai restaurant on 9th Ave. I can tell you within minutes the levels of histamines in a glass of cheap red wine and I can give you an estimate of the air quality after riding my bike down Broadway during rush hour. It’s not good.


What does this mean? Well I have two choices. I can stay in my home like a shut in or I can do everything I can to manage exposure and detox like a BEAST. I’m sure you can see where I am going with this. While I’d like to list everything I do to minimize chemical exposure and detoxification (infrared sauna, ozone, vitamin IV’s, Magnetic Pulse therapy, supplements) I thought I ‘d pick one element that’s rocking my world and saving my skin from the above mentioned toxic onslaught I live in. This is an unfortunate but necessary trade off to making your living singing and dancing on the Great White Way.

Skin Fact: Our skin is the bodies largest organ…Covering almost 1.73 square meters or 18.5 square feet and accounts to over 16% of our body.

Without any further hesitation I give you todays topic for discussion: Alitura: 4 syllables and magic on the face. Alitura is a clay mask with an elite list of ingredients never before assembled in any product.

alitura 2_opt


Before you knee-jerk-spit-take and assume I’m pushing some product for personal gain know this: I never write about something on Freddie Set Go unless it falls under three categories: Quality, quality, and the highest of quality. And no I am not a spokesperson for Alitura…yet. But I will say this to the internet God’s if such an opportunity was to roll through my door, I would not be opposed.


Back to task:

::Alitura:: This unique blend of 9 nutrient-dense ingredients, which you can click to read, exfoliates dead skin, reduces pore openings, stimulates blood flow, and encourages the growth of new skin cells. The detoxifying properties of carefully formulated clays draw out impurities, and produce porcelain-smooth skin with a radiant glow.


The short list of ingredients: 10% L-Ascorbic Acid, the highest quality Vitamin C on the market. Growth factor-rich Colostrum drawn from grass-fed cows in their first 6 hours of milking nourishes and replenishes the skin with vital nutrients, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.  Freshwater Pearl powder gently minimizes sun spots and evens skin tone. American Ginseng clears blemishes with its refreshing, blood-building properties. Organic Kelp powder adds its earthy, yet potent, qualities to round out the perfect topical nourishment for your skin.

Skin Fact: Every day your skin is shedding dead cells to make for new ones. In a cycle of 28 days you have a whole new face – see the procedure details at My Botox LA. Think of it like this, it’s a copy of a copy of a copy…..your genetic code is merely a blueprint and what’s constructed is dependent on the water you drink, food you eat, and environmental toxins your clear from the template.


So what? So you have invented a better mouse trap?  I love innovation, but what really starts my gears is “why” you invented said magical face mask.” Personal gain? Influence? Ego? Necessity?


Sit back and listen to Andy Hnilo’s story and the crazy ride to innovation:

“When I woke up in a hospital bed on the night of March 20th, 2011, my desperation became my inspiration to create Alitura. I had been struck by a series of large vehicles in a hit-and-run accident while crossing a busy street. I had a collapsed lung, seven broken ribs and a severe compound fracture of my jaw, which was broken in five places.  As someone who has always made a living based upon my appearance (modeling) and execution of demanding physical tasks (professional baseball), the outcome of this incident had far-reaching implications. I recognized that I had the power to choose as we all do when faced with stressful events and was determined to bounce back even stronger. I was inspired and told myself that what I put in will be what I get out and I knew I had to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.  By approaching my problem from a nutritional perspective, I rebuilt myself and was back on a runway in a mere 7 weeks. I attacked my injuries both from the inside and outside. The most critical tool for healing my exterior was a hand-crafted blend of unique, specialized ingredients from around the world that I formulated myself. Thus, the Alitura Clay Mask was born.”


Personal experience: When I use this mask after a day roaming around NYC, training clients, singing and dancing, or riding my bike through the concrete jungle I feel the difference. People often ask me what I use on my face. How does your skin look so good?



The answer? Genetic sexiness and I don’t use much of anything. I don’t use lotion (some coconut oil after a shower). I rarely use a face wash….but I do use this clay mask ¾ times a week. I personally mix a tablespoon with a few caps of apple cider vinegar. I wait 15-20 minutes until dry and simply use water to wash it off. Upon first reveal my face is tingling red from the increased blood flow, this lasts for about 20 minutes. The aftermath is glowing radiant skin.

And while this may sound crazy, I personally get a cognitive boost after one application. Whether it’s the heavy metals removed form my face, or the electrical current that can better flow through my skin I don’t know…but it’s real and profound. The mild uplifting energy boost is was pleasant bonus and still noticeable after a year of applications.

In addition: a couple times a week I’ll also dress the scars on my belly (which have been opened up 3 times since 2007) with the clay mask and I have to say…my scar looks damn sexy. Thank you for your affirmative agreement and reverent head nod.



A return on your investment:

 Walking into a job interview and having someone notice the glow of your skin is a win-win. Before you have opened your mouth administration behind the table is already aware of the pride you take in your appearance.

As an actor, this is a must. I want to get the most out of every year of life and the longer I can hang in an age bracket…the better. There is a direct correlation between a clean mug and work you book. Being the best version of yourself possible is sexy. As a cancer survivor it’s very important for me to keep environmental toxins to a minimum. There are so many product lines out there with less than desirable ingredients touted as “healthy” or “pure” and I can call bullshit on most. I’m covered on both fronts with Alitura and it gets my Freddie Set Go seal of approval.

Skin Fact: Your skin is home to over 1,000 different kinds of bacteria which aid in renewal of dead cells and immune function. Washing with hand sanitizer and other harsh astringents is one of the most unnatural and harmful things you can do to this community of living creatures. Natural cleaners like essential oils and clays are selective in their destruction. Choose this over a chemical based cleanser every time!


Question: Would you go to a dentist with brown rocks in his mouth…the kind of nobbled teeth-Chiclets that reflect a years worth of meth addiction? NO! me neither….so when you see Andy’s face AFTER being crushed by a couple of trucks and it’s current condition you will be a believer. You may also be as envious and hateful as I was…cause this guy’s appearance is pretty stunning. But I digress, some win the gene pool…and that is life.




Remember beauty is subjective. To me…clean, natural, and free from bullshit-toxic-smog-covering-your-skin shimmer is beautiful.


The role of food:

Keep in mind: You can rub pure stem cells on your face and if you eat like shit it’s a loosing battle.

I can line up about 10 people in a room and food will define a  direct correlation  to skin quality. I guarantee the If I pick 5 for Group A who smoke, eat a majority of their caloric intake from McDonalds, and do not exercise VS. Group B: 5 Paleo thumping yoga nerds who spend their lunches noshing on grass fed jerky, avocados and sautéed vegetable bowls we will have an easy game of where’s the fit-and -ripped Waldo. Enough said, get on the health train, shop from the peripherals of the grocery store and drink half your body weight in water.


My point and Free Gift:

Pick a practice to clean your skin in some way. I’m giving you one option, maybe the best option. Know that according to U.S. Money magazine it pays to be attractive (study). So you can either hate the game or take this one as an easy leg up on the competition. I have found nothing comparable to Alitura on the market and I have looked. One of the smartest things you can do is fine something that serves it’s purpose really  really well and stick with it. Considered skin care and detox covered with Alitura and move your focus to other areas that need work in life. Update: After reaching out to Andy and his company he has offered Freddie Set Go readers a generous 15% discount on all product lines.  Enter Code bp15 upon checkout from the website.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. Know that while I played a medical doctor on stage and screen I am not one. This information is advice and that meant to inspired critical thinking and challenge convention. Think outside the box and be your own best advocate for health.










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