Ashley Curling

Freddie Kimmel changed my life.  

Of all the nutritionists, personal trainers, and life coaches I have worked with in my life – Freddie Kimmel has far and away had the strongest and most lasting impact on me.  Not only did he help me to grow tremendously in terms of my physical strength and endurance – but he taught me how to challenge myself safely and with self-love and compassion past my comfort zone and in no time had me doing things I would have never dreamt my then nearly 300lb body was capable of.   He taught me to love being outside and enjoy simple things like the grass beneath my feet and the sunshine kissing my skin, and that there is so much beautiful energy to absorb from the world if you just slow down and open yourself to the process of change and growth.  

Through our nutrition work Freddie helped me get to a place of feeling healthier, happier and more vibrant.   He empowered me to treat my body with love and to honor and respect it with my food choices.  As someone who has had a lifelong struggle with disordered eating and an unhealthy relationship with food, Freddie’s approach has truly helped change the way I think about eating, and about food in general.  Freddie always made himself available to help me make the best decision in a pinch, and to pull me back up when I felt like I was slipping down the rabbit hole of emotional eating or excuse-making.  He truly tailors his coaching to each of his clients and their specific situations – whether I was on the road in a hotel with no kitchen or trying to decide what to order at a restaurant, Freddie always had my back.   

I have met few people with as much love, light, and healing energy as Freddie has and he is always there for me throughout life’s ups and downs.  A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder and found myself in the heart of some serious mental health struggles.   During my darkest time, he helped me to find the light within myself and within my own heart.  I can say without question that I have never felt happier, healthier, more beautiful or more vibrant than I do right now – and while my nutrition and exercise have certainly played a part in that, a great deal of the change for me happened on the inside. Freddie helped me learn how to love myself, how to live my best life, and how to choose happiness and joy every single day.  

I can say without question that working with Freddie was the greatest gift I ever gave myself – and I would encourage anyone who wants to be stronger, happier and healthier to reach out and take a chance.   Within the first few minutes of  your free consultation will see for yourself that you need a little Freddie in your life.   I am forever grateful that I took a chance that day – and my life is forever healthier, happier, and richer because I did.   Thanks, Freddie.  You’re the best!!