AMD Ionic Foot bath

The IonCleanse detox foot bath is the ONLY unit of its type to receive true FCC & CE safety approvals, making them the safest detox baths available on the market. This is the brand I personally use and the one recommended by Dr. Klinghart working with some of the most detox-challenged people on the planet. Did you know that we are by far in the most toxic environment? And these can affect our body in different ways. Trust what your body is telling you. A lot of our customers feel like they have tried absolutely everything to feel better. Oftentimes, detoxification is the missing piece to the health and wellness puzzle. Here’s why you should give the IonCleanse by AMD detox foot bath a try.

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My Why:

The IonCleanse foot bath works. Period. As a biohacker who tests and retests, I’ve seen a reduction in toxic burden from my own experience. The number one reason for my purchase was assistance with heavy metal detoxification and Glyphosate Reduction.

Consistent usage resulted in lower glyphosate levels in study participants as compared to the control group.  In my humble opinion, the Ionic cleanse is a necessary tool to assist with the problems associated with modern-day toxicity. I have also seen improvement in my levels of mycotoxins and overall well-being. 5 stars out of 4.

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