Sauna Space

SaunaSpace products have been designed from the ground up for the ultimate near infrared sauna therapy experience.

Sleek, minimalist design. Safe, comfortable, beautiful.

Handmade & hand-tailored artisan quality, for a lifetime of reliable service.

My Why: Let’s face it, if you were to design a sanctuary to sweating and model it after Burning Man, these tents would fit the bill. The artistry and craftsmanship are beautiful and they work. The reason I have multiple saunas in this guide are driven by the fact that everyone had different taste as well as price point. The BULBS used by this company produce no EMF.


Bulbs: proprietary, specially-designed tungsten filament that delivers 2-4x more red & near infrared irradiance than any other bulb on the market, all through a beautiful red-stained hard glass. 


Warranty: 10 year Warranty, Yes, 10 years. 


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Extras: In addition to protection from any internal EMF, the Luminati’s Grounding Mat features an integrated grounding system that keeps all of the home’s ambient wired electric fields (EF) outside the sauna and away from the user.


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