Body and Health Coaching

Part One: Movement

The body: this suitcase for the mind, if you will, is very important.  Stressing physical body can make a large impact in a short amount of time. The thing about people ( an interlude to profound wisdom) is that they are all very different. As in life, each person’s needs are not the same…especially in the gym. Following a detailed assessment using a movement screen which includes a deep squat, lung, spinal twist and hip stability I ask my clients to lay out a practical set of goals. Do you want to be the hundred year old rocking the nursing home without a stroller? Do you long for the ass of David Beckham and biceps like the ROCK?  Here’s the deal…You can get into a gym, start moving and sweating and maybe even lose some weight. But what if you have limitations in movement like a tight shoulder or a limited range of motion in your hip flexor? When you or a trainer starts adding weight and resistance to this funky movement pattern, you’ll end up strengthening your flawed pattern….what does this mean. Your alignment becomes flawed. It’s inefficient and a waste of energy.  Think of it like adding a bigger engine in a dodge neon with a bent front axle.

Ideally we want to relearn how to move like a baby. Have you ever noticed how long babies can sit in a deep squat WITHOUT GRABBING THEIR KNEES IN PAIN? It’s incredible. Once we regain better movement, we can start building strength.  I don’t know about you, but I want to be able to ski, run, jump, dance and play well into my 90′s. When simple things like getting out of a low car seat, going up stairs, or even climbing a ladder start to limit you, it’s a downhill slide. The old phrase is so very true, “if you don’t use it, you lose it!”

Part Two: Food Guidelines

In reality, part two is part one. I believe diet is about 90 percent of our body’s key to taking its natural form.  More than anything you can do in a gym, what we eat trumps all. You can pound away running miles and miles on a treadmill, OR, you can eat correctly for your genetics and take back all the time compounded on the hamster wheel and go live your life!  I have seen the proof and it’s in the avocado and protein powder pudding. Shifting your diet from a carb/sugar based/grain diet to one consisting of good fats, quality proteins and green vibrant veggies has a profound impact on health. Again….as all people are different, no one should be on the same diet or eating form the same food plate. However, there are a number of foods that are in fact hurting us and need to be cut out.  And while I cannot claim anything of these changes will “heal” you…they did in part help me recover from cancer. In addition to that extraordinary feat, I have changed my skin to that of a 20 year old boy (one who has never seen the sun), beat a failing immune system and reversed abdominal adhesions ( a non-reversible condition)…So there’s that.

Side Effects from Freddie.Set.Go may include:

Improved flexibility, muscle tone, weight loss, a bigger ass, better sleep, a happier mood, an increased sex drive, an unavoidable passion to achieve greatness and “gold raining from the sky into your pockets.”

In all seriousness, together we draw a straight line towards those bench marks you want to achieve and we will conquer them in less time, with less pain and increased knowledge.  I’m excited for you…. thinking about the new you!

 Personal Online Health Coach

Program design, nutritional and supplement suggestions, weekly Skype sessions and progress reports.  Following the demand to reach more people who are not in the NYC area or don’t simply have the time to train, this newest fitness package caters to those groups.

  • Clients are given a weekly workout based on their fitness goals (optional) and video support of individual exercises.
  • Nutritional guidelines to make eating out and shopping very simple.
  • A weekly Skype or phone chat to check in on progress and questions.
  • Regular email support
  • A paint by numbers program, easy check lists, and accountability
  • Online food log with peer editing

Please email me for pricing on all packages