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The definitive Guide to Pooping (Constipation Issue)


A year and a half ago poop was a serious problem. It was, to say the very least, one of the most difficult times of my life. Embarrassed and ashamed, there were few people I felt comfortable discussing this sensitive issue with. Aggressive scar tissue had returned from my from many cancer surgeries and nearly […]


2016 Love, Love, Love

2016 1

2015   I Loved it, every second. There is nothing I would trade, not one ounce. The joy, the love, the success, and especially the pain…it’s all mine. I was saying to a friend yesterday, “At this point in life (talks we have in fancy grocery stores in Manhattan) I realize the mountain top, the […]


Healing from Within


Today I was reminded  of the body’s own ability to heal itself.  Sometimes things just need to shift to give you new perspective on what’s ailing you.  However, in this age of quick access to information, a doctor at your fingertips, and the google button, the options we have to treat ourselves are endless.  I […]


Growing your heart 10x in one act


This story is brought to you by the quest for the perfect boot. Did you say perfect butt…as in ass? NO, I mean boot like shoe…like these boots were made for walking. This quest led me to a man named Murray, which then led to a bookstore, and then back to Murray. Then it led […]