People often ask me to describe Freddie-Set-Go but before I can do that I have to give you a little background on myself.

Simply put: I am a health coach who wants to help you out of your own way so you can live the exceptional life you were designed to. 

It’s true that I have an insatiable passion for all things health, fitness and serenity. My  personal journey down the rabbit hole began in 2006 when I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer.  Due to a late diagnosis a single tumor metastasized and quickly turned to 9. They surrounded a kidney, my superior vena cava running to my heart and multiple lymph nodes in my abdomen.  Chemo and multiple surgeries throughout 2007 would yield a cancer free diagnosis in less than a year.  However when I returned to “normal life” I hit a wall. My general health began to fail within the first three months following treatment. To the outsider I looked fine, but inside I was dying.  My energy and sense of wellbeing quickly started to deteriorate. I was living on a tight rope, with the smallest gust of wind sending me into crisis, or the closest emergency room.  An actor by trade, I hid this VERY well, but it was a true balancing act.  It was not until a second trip to the hospital in 2011 (having a foot of my small intestine removed due to an obstruction from scar tissue) that I knew something had to change.

I believe the universe will keep repeating it’s lessons louder and louder until you hear the message…I was not listening.

Every time you go under the knife is trauma for the nervous system and mine was in a never-ending state of shock.  Soon my immune system and digestion followed suit…in fact there was point in my life where I could tolerate eating as few as 14 foods without allergic reactions.  This is no way to live and I wanted no part of it.   After cancer I did change the food I was eating, ate an incredibly clean diet, but these efforts were not enough.  All they did was point the needle in the right direction.  To truly heal, I had to address sleep, balance the bacteria in my gut, remove toxins in my system, calm my nervous system, and heal the emotional relationships in my life. I had to fearlessly ask the questions that traditional medicine doctors were afraid to. I consulted naturopaths on the other side of the county and on other continents. I had to trust the voice in my own head and know what I always knew: I know my body better than anyone else.  I became my best advocate for health and though that truth I healed myself. 

My god the times I laid alone in my bed…stomach cramping…barley able to stand. I wished, I prayed someone would walk into my life with some answers. I promised myself if I ever got to a better place in my life, if one day I were to feel strong again, I would try to be person for someone else. The responsibility of survivorship was born. So let it be written, so let it be done. So I started reading books. I started reading books on anatomy, health and physical fitness, books on vitamins, and supplementation. I read books on the brain, book on spiritual healing, books on shamanism, books on fasting, on lyme disease, books on recovering form trauma and shock. I became certified in personal training, as a health coach and took courses in energy medicine. The list is long and ridiculous.

So here we are…the incredible list of life experiences that has lead me to you and you to me. This is Freddie Set Go. On this site I post about success and failure. I write about whats lighting my fire in all things including food, health fitness and mental serenity.


Today I am feeling good. I have an amazing client list which spans the united sates from New York to California. I work professionally in theater/television based out of NYC. In the last 5 years I have been in several Broadway tours including Billy Elliot and Phantom of the Opera. Currently I’m standing by for two lead roles in the hit musical Cagney in the Heart of Time Square. In addition I have energy to spend time with friends and family.  I am extremely grateful for this level of functionality.  I am living my dream and that makes me happy.

I think of the hard times I have been through and feel a responsibility to write them down, share where I made success and failure, and save those going through those same time, money and heart ache.   This is the responsibility of survivorship.  This why I’m here.