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Picking your battles: Butter and the family tree

The Grass Fed Cow In The Room: If there are any other health enthusiasts out there striving for greatness, maximizing nutrient dense foods into their diet, and getting the maximum bang for your buck with movement in the gym,  then we have something in common.  You and I have an inherent sense of well-being. You know […]


Glorious Green Porridge

One of the main staples of my nutritional platform is a warm thick hearty porridge that’s packed with nutrients, easily digestible, and a quick-fix in the kitchen.  For my money, a warm first meal of the day compliments the qi (pronounced chi) of the body and keeps energy moving in the right direction. It is similar to […]


WheatGrass-At A Glance

Wheatgrass It can simply be described as one of the healthiest substances on earth. Ron Burgundy would call it “glorious”. I call it a lifesaver. But anyone wanting to jump-start his or her way to a better “you” would benefit from adding this green juice to their diet. I know everyone has heard of wheatgrass, […]


Blend-opolis! The Vitamix

Let’s take a closer look at the Vitamix I’m here to speak the name of that which we dare not Utter …(cough)….The Vitamix. Yes… you know the one….The high priced Cadillac of all blenders. But why? Why would you expect me to pay upwards of Five Hundred Dollars for a blender? Really Frederick? Do I […]


Emu Oil: Natures Transdermal achy spot remover

Emu oil: a miracle worker? If I told you bird back fat could help give you younger-looking skin, lower your cholesterol, and minimize joint pain, would you believe me? No? It’s fine. I don’t think I would believe that nonsensical jibber-jabber either. UNLESS I TRIED IT…AND IT WORKED. IN YOUR F??##%$$&&&ING FACE! Sorry. My inner […]