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Holiday feasting Guidelines


  Here’s the deal, it’s a handful of days. The BOTTOM LINE… doubling or tripling your caloric load for one day a week is not going to effect your bodies overall look, tone or feel. In fact, studies show one day a week of heavier than normal eating, also known as a cheat day, can […]


Keep Fighting-Abdominal Adhesions


  Singing and dancing through life, adversity, cancer, and abdominal adhesions. I know you’re asking yourself why do I want to know about abdominal adhesions? Why do I care? They are fascinating little structures created by the human body. Someday your knowledge of these little guys may save your life. Also…it’s this month’s blog topic. Abdominal adhesions […]


What is the American Gut Project?

gut face 2

Over the last few years, a topic on which I like to nerd out is gut health. Why? Well after chemo, and a few surgeries mine has been really shitty (play on words intended…My gut has been shitty). If there is one thing that has presented itself as a real chink in my armor it’s […]


Viewer Mail – To Juice or Not to Juice?


  Question:” Freddie, I just recently started to add green juice to my diet and really like the energy boost I get! My problem is that it’s so damn expensive! I have found a deli next to my house which is half the price as “Juice generation”……why am I paying double the price for same […]


The Bodcast: Cancer Survivor to healer

bodcast saved

This past week I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker on The Bodcast-Podcast hosted by Michael Buckley and Robyn Shall. Each are talented, passionate trainers who possess a unique voice in the industry.  It was a real treat to be a guest on the show, which has an electric, amped-up pace.  The show is […]


Picking your battles: Butter and the family tree

grass cow

The Grass Fed Cow In The Room: If there are any other health enthusiasts out there striving for greatness, maximizing nutrient dense foods into their diet, and getting the maximum bang for your buck with movement in the gym,  then we have something in common.  You and I have an inherent sense of well-being. You know […]


Glorious Green Porridge


One of the main staples of my nutritional platform is a warm thick hearty porridge that’s packed with nutrients, easily digestible, and a quick-fix in the kitchen.  For my money, a warm first meal of the day compliments the qi (pronounced chi) of the body and keeps energy moving in the right direction. It is similar to […]


Red Berry Blast Explosion

Red Berry Blast

 Good Morning Friends Today I awoke and really felt the weather start to break.  I smelled spring, I swear it’s true. Yes, it’s raining and the city is filled with dirt, the subways are under construction,  but thats all the more reason for you to start your day clean. What does clean mean? Generally when […]


WheatGrass-At A Glance

Wheatgrass It can simply be described as one of the healthiest substances on earth. Ron Burgundy would call it “glorious”. I call it a lifesaver. But anyone wanting to jump-start his or her way to a better “you” would benefit from adding this green juice to their diet. I know everyone has heard of wheatgrass, […]


Wheat Grass revisited


 Wheat Grass…simple. Green. Healthy. It’s a new year and I recommend boosting your body with this natural detox juice.…6 power points of the green magical cocktail….go! Wheat grass contains over 90 minerals, 90..yes….90. Including high concentrations of the most alkaline minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium (Why do we want an alkaline system…because it’s a […]