Beyond the realm of personal training

I am a personal trainer, a great one.  I am also a health coach.  Ask anyone who has held a session with me and I guarantee you will find a trainer focused on functional strength, goal orientated fitness and no workout left without a sense of well being and a big f+*&%!g smile on your face. I mean big.


I’ve had people ask me to describe what’s different about you, about Freddie set go and your training philosophy. Great question. When I look around, sometimes to gauge where I stand against other fitness systems and gym and boutique clubs and it’s pretty easy for me.   When I’m designing a workout, or recommending a supplement or food palate, I’m not only thinking about your immediate goals, but the greater health picture, specifically the one 15 to 20 years down the road.  It’s true that 90-minute workouts, vigorous explosive moves and high reps can give you the body you want now.  They can shred fat and do what needs to be done, but anything to a greater frequency combined over enough time, causes long term damage.  One has to consider exercise is a form of stress, you are in fact breaking the body down, it’s these factors that I keep in mind when designing plans for the actor, the dancer, the untrained office employee and weekend warrior.


I like variation, I love free weights and kettles, I like expanding our bodies range of motion and keeping that mobility alive and well.  I am a form-freak and a health nerd.  I look to the past…primitive man for optional nutritional guidelines,  I also love science and simple tools like foam roller and bands.


On the technology side I incorporate restructured H20, homeostatic soil organisms, 02-Live training, EWOT -exercise with oxygen, and infrared heated beds… all of which help recovery, detox and healing on a cellular level.  Interested and these fancy big science words??? (Message me). Please note I am not a doctor or PT, although I do have doctors write me and phone for advice on topics that are out of their scope of work…..:-) I make these suggestions not as a way to treat or cure and disease, however the side effects may be and include…….but not limited to, increased energy, better sleep, a sense of well being, an unavoidable passion to achieve greatness and “gold raining from the sky into your pockets.”


My success stories are honest and real and lasting. I practice what I preach to a fault. I am committed to changing the world with my inspired thought, my art and how I interact with all I come in contact with.  If this sounds like a different fitness experience it is, this is what you get and I’m hard to get rid of once we start working together….not like a Bally total fitness membership…… but still very difficult.


A year ago I was introduced to an energy healer and it’s practices and techniques changed my life, my mood and my art.  Like a bald Luke Skywalker (and dash of Hans solo) the force flows through me. I incorporate energy work inspired by Donna Eden: Energy healing….. into all my sessions.  Once we get energy moving the pattern is reinforced and sealed in, to last for days to come. Sounds weird but I’d like you to get off your modern day horse and try it, it’s real!


Al of these things makeup Freddie set go. Oh, I’, also a ripping tenor and a profound actor.  I resign neither training nor performing as a primary focus and find I can balance both.  Skype, Facetime and a few assistance can handle any amount of distance a contract may place between me and a client and know once you have the tools, it’s easy to continue on your path.  I’m your guide, your health coach, and together we will uncover a more vibrant you.



Freddie kimmel ( the fifth)